Payment Process 付款流程

 Payment Process 付款流程

Once the payment is completed, you will be taking to this page



Congratulation Your Payment has been Successful !

恭喜 您的付款 已成功 !


STEP 1Please call me at 04 3586 1402 or Text me to arrange a time to meet in my office!

請給我個電話 04 3586 1402 或傳簡訊給我約時間見面 !

STEP 2Please also send me the “photo of the payment receipt” to 0435861402 or via email

請傳 “付款收據” 截圖到我電話 04 3586 1402 或是傳郵件到


感謝 !

Secure Payment With Paypal
安全付款 與 Paypal :

Pay Now (現在付款) – $879.55 !


Any Further Questions Please Give Me A Call At Anytime, Thanks!


Phone: 04 3586 1402

Wechat: Jshung888

LINE: jhung19