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Service Includes
Anything relating to Property Investment / Residential / Buying / Selling / Brisbane / Gold Coast / Apartments / Townhouses / House & Lands / Small Developments / Large Scale Developments / Vacant Lands / DA Approved Lands / Overseas Purchasing / Foreginer Investment Guarantee PR Scheme Etc.
(所有跟地產有關的問題資訊和流程 /買房 /賣房/投資/開發/找地/建築/蓋房/投資移民/保證PR / 都可以跟我隨時聯繫)
I have the Best Sources of all the Properties here in Brisbane.
(我在 布里斯本 & 黃金海岸 都有最好的 房/土地/開發, 來源)
Please Conatct me at (請聯繫我)
Phone電話: 04 3586 1402 / Wechat微信: Jshung888 / Line: Jhung19
Twitter:     au.linkedin.com/in/johnsonhung…  

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Property Investment Consultant / Finance Referral (Home Loan) / Lawyer Referral (Any Legal Requirement) / PR for Australia / Real Estate Professional / Coronis Realty (International Department) / Development Adviser / Construction Builder Referral

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